Smooth Golden Grillz- Classic

Here's the ultimate classic aka the OG Grillz, these are the first designs that were rocked by the pioneers like Paul wall and Co. They are smooth and plain with no patterns or designs on them, they come in gold, silver, and rose gold. The standard is a six tooth gold or silver bottom and top mouth setup type designed to give you that dopey swagged-out look you have always desired. Comes with upper and lower pairs, this set of incredible mouth jewelry looks better on large adult teeth be you a male or female.

Single tooth Grillz - silver or gold tooth cap

Here's my favorite, I love this particular design because of it simple and luxurious look. At times what you need is just one shiny tooth instead of the full mouth set. The single gold or silver grill could be really uncomfortable for some people, or simply not the original look for others, but it still packs its own uniqueness. This fresh tooth is mostly designed for medium-sized teeth and will also fit big teeth perfectly (of course the molds will allow us to get your exact tooth size thereby making it fit correctly).

Gold or silver vampire Grillz

You should get this excellent design one for the nighttime when you go clubbing and one for the daytime when you are just chilling with the guys and need to look fresh and flashy. This impressive design is one to be reckoned with as its unique design offers an excellent appearance to either a guy or a girl. Big k9 fangs for the longest teeth could be seen on both sides, thereby making your mouth glitter and in the process giving you that cool vampire look. It comes in gold, silver, or rose gold. 

Dripping Grillz

Here's is one Grill design that should be added to your grill collection, the design is just lovable and fly, and with Rhino Grillz you could get the excellent quality that is sure to shine and glitter in your mouth thereby giving you that modern and trendy Grilled outlook. Perfect for ladies and guys too, it comes in gold, silver, and rose gold, here is another reason for me to spend my hard-earned money, and the greatest thing is you get top quality for a very friendly price.

Openface Grillz

The world-famous four teeth opened gold, silver, or rose gold Grillz set, you could get it individually or as a full set, rock just the bottom set or the top set in your choice of color, and slay in front of your girlfriend, the boys or even complete strangers, this design is sure to get heads and eyes rolling in your direction. This Grillz will shine and glitter in your mouth while allowing the whiteness of your teeth to show. It's also referred to as the low-key Grillz cause your teeth still show while the Grillz does its job in making you look unique, I think this design looks better on the guys more than the girls.

Diamond Grillz

Here is the king of all Grillz, get a fully iced out smile with our beautiful diamond mouth jewelry, fully encrusted with CZ stones of the best quality, and products with silver, gold, or rose gold. This Grillz like other ones from Rhino Grillz is of great quality and value, each of the zirconia bling is hand placed carefully on every tooth with a view of providing perfect quality for excellent customers like you, your custom-fitted silicone bars ensure that it is fitted for all sizes of teeth. Do not hesitate to get yours.