About us

We are speciality hiphop accessories store that specialize in grillz, both premade and custom grillz. We ship to anywhere in the world for free,  Here are some of the completed custom grillz ready to be shipped out.

Are grillz and other accessores are like Rhinos, theycan be both calming and explosive depending on your mood and style. You can have get a one tooth open face grillz.

grillz. Or you can get a full set of  Rainbow Grillz that fill your whole mouth

We sell grillz for all occasions, and our vampire fang grillz are especially popular during Halloween.


We have both poremade and csutom grillz.  Are premade grillz are for people who want a quick, easy and cheap accessory for a night on the town or a for a costume party. Once you order them it will be available in 4-7 days in the US, or 10-20 days for the rest of the world.

Our custom grillz are grillz that are custom made to fit your teeth.  The procedure involves us sending a mold kit to get a fit for your teeth. The whole process from purchase to receiving the grillz can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. The faster do your mold impression once you get the mold kit, the faster we can compelte the grillz..