What are fang teeth grillz?

Fang grillz, also known as Vampire fang grillz are simply like a normal teeth grill, but with fangs, like a vampire. They are available in wide ranges of styles and colors. We also sell the fangs themselves as single fang grillz for one tooth, which means you only have to buy the grillz for two teeth to look like a vampire instead of a set that covers your whole mouth. We do sell a 2-pack of single tooth vampire fangs, and they're trending!

Vampire fang grillz are very different from the rest. They are, well, pointy and they look like you're gonna bite someone's neck for dinner. That doesn't mean it has to be Halloween for you to wear a  stylish pair of vampire fangs. Grillz with fangs have become one of the hottest new trends in the hip  hop and rap culture with people like Miley Cyrus,  Beyonce and Kylie Jenner wearing them. The celebrity  world is making a clear statement that grills are here to stay. It’s a rap/hip hop culture thing that has spread  to a wider audience and is being appreciated by all races, cultures and people.

If you want a unique pair of upper fangs, full set, fang tooth or bottom row fang to show off your blood sucking cravings or simply be the coolest person at the next Halloween party, we are sure we have the fangs for you - We at Rhino Grillz stock a wide range of fangs including in gold, silver, encrusted with CZ stones or in rose gold. Our fang caps and vampire fang grillz selection is big. You name the grill, we have them! 

Whatever the occasion may be, our vampire fangs is an excellent way to add something extra to your fashion style. A pair of single tooth works excellently as a subtle fashion statement, while a full set of our fangs grillz is a great way to show off. Trust us, people will look!

Don't worry if your teeth/tooth is not perfectly straight, the silicone mold will shape after your teeth without an issue.

How do I use my fangs/vampire grillz?

Don't worry, it's really easy! All of our grillz are sold with molding bar/bars made of silicone and an instruction manuals so you can custom fit your pair of grillz in your own home, and it only takes five minutes! Simply dip your grillz and silicone mold in hot water until the mold starts to soften, then put your grillz in your mouth and bite down into the mold, and voila - You have your own custom made grillz!

Read more HERE about how to custom fit your grillz.

All our vampire/fang teeth grills are adult fit, so they should fit any adult teeth/mouth. 

What types of vampire fangs do you sell?

We have everything from diamond fang grillz, gold fang grillz to silver fangs grillz, vampire grillz in rose gold, you name it! We also have fang/vampire grills for every budget - Cheap, standard, luxury, whatever you're after we're sure you'll find it in our grill store. 


The awesome Vampire Grillz, these great design has gain popularity over a short period after its release, you could spot celebrities like Beyonce and  others rocking them, At Rhino Grillz we have styles that range from bottom Fang gold, silver, rose gold or diamond teeth, to top Fang Grillz, you could check out some pictures in our gallery.

Are you looking for the perfect pair of Grillz with the perfect twist to turn the heads of your friends, spouse and all your beholders in general? It does matter the occasion you want to rock these awesome, simple, trendy and stylish mouth jewelry be it at Halloween where you want to look like the modern and stylish Dracula, or you just wanna rock them to the club, Rhino Grillz will provide you with exactly what you need, you do not need to look elsewhere.

Product description

  • Vampire Fang Grillz
  • Lead and nickel free, which means it is completely safe to wear in your mouth.
  • FDA licensed silicone bar
  • Unisex design
  • Comes in silver, gold, rose gold and even diamonds
  • Top quality with affordable price tags.
  • Comes with a silicone bar with manuals for custom fitted Grillz in five minutes.