What are single tooth/pendant grillz?

Single tooth (or single cap) are a grill designed to cover just one of your teeth. Now you can finally have a gold tooth that you easily take off an on as you wish. These grillz (all of them, actually) are unisex, meaning they suit women as much as men, and vice versa. We have them in silver, gold, rose gold, with diamonds and many other styles. Add a little touch to your normal style - A single tooth cap grill makes a lot of difference, but in a discreet way. We also stock pendants like the AK47 grill

One tooth caps are cheap to get since their so small and a lot cheaper to make, so it's easy and budget friendly to buy a whole personal collection of different one tooth styles so you can mix up on different days. Single tooth grillz also goes really well with a full bottom row. (single on top, full row on lower)

How do I use my single tooth cap grillz?

It's simple! All of our single teeth caps are sold with silicone molding 
bar/bars and paper instructions so you can mold your custom pair right at home, in 5 minutes. Don't worry, it's an extremly easy procedure - Simply dip your grill with the silicone molding in hot water until the silicone starts to soften, then bite down in the silicone molding for about 2 minutes until it hardens - DONE, now you have your very own custom bottom grillz speifically made for your teeth/mouth. All our bottom teeth grillz are adult fit, so they should fit any adult teeth/mouth. 

You can also read our guide HERE on how to custom fit your grillz at home in 5 minutes.

You don’t have to worry too much about the “custom” fit of single tooth grillz, since they are small and only for one tooth, they usually fit good either way.

What types of single cap tooths do you sell?

We have diamond single tooth, gold, silver single teeth, rose gold grill caps, with fangs, you name it! Make a statement with our collection of silver and gold single tooth grills, subtle and less "in your face" than traditional full teeth grillz where your whole mouth blings. Our favourite is the 2-pack of single fang vampire available in gold, silver & rose gold – Stylish flexing vampire indeed!

Kylie Jenner, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Nelly, Harry Styles, Future - There is a clear trend with grills in the celeb world! It’s a rap/hip hop culture thing that has spread to a wider audience. Nowadays grills are worn by every race, class and person out there, and we welcome it! 


The really amazing design here, introducing the dazzling One Tooth Grillz, the single tooth Grillz is crafted to fit just one tooth of your whole teeth, it lets you have gold, silver rose gold or diamond teeth that you could effortlessly put on and take off as quickly as you put it on. If you really like this design and you have made up your mind to buy it then patronize Rhino Grillz for your own good, we will provide you with the first class quality for Affordable Prices. You could buy two and have the vampire Grillz look also and wear just one to silently bling through out the night or day.

  • Available in silver, gold, rose gold and diamond
  • Nickel and lead-free
  • FDA approved silicone
  • Easily fixed and detached
  • Excellent design perfect for both guys and girls
  • Impeccable quality with Affordable Price
Don't worry if your teeth/tooth isn't perfectly straight, the silicone mold 

will shape after your teeth without an issue.