Single tooth grillz (or single tooth cap) are grillz designed to cover just one of your teeth. This Grillz are unisex, meaning they can be worn by both women and men. We have them in silver, gold, rose gold, and studded with diamonds. They come in a variety of styles such as single tooth fang caps, open-face tooth caps, and double tooth grillz.

Difference Between Tooth Cap and Tooth Grillz

Usually;y a tooth cap, sometimes referred to as a dental crown, is placed over a tooth by a dentost to restore its shape, and size, make it stronger, or improve its appearance.  A tooth cap in this sense is permanent and can't be removed, It can be made of ceramic or metal. A tooth grillz is a removable metal ornament that is placed over your front teeth.  However, in the world of hip-hop fashion, Tooth Cap and Tooth Grillz are used interchangeably.    


Single tooth Grillz are usually made of two types of metals - silver or gold.

Silver Tooth Cap

Can be made electroplated or made entirely of silver. All premade single silver tooth caps are made of electroplated silver over brass.  In contrast, our custom single tooth Grillz or caps are made entirely of silver, although you have the option of adding a gold electroplated coating over your silver grillz.

Gold Teeth Caps

Are made either entirely of real gold or electroplated gold. All our custom gold caps teeth are made of 10K, 14K, or 18K gold. All are custom gold teeth caps are custom made to order by getting a mold of your teeth.  Our electroplated gold comes in two types. The first are custom .925 sterling silver grillz that has a layer of 10K, 14K or 18K gold plated over them   The second, more popular type, is our premade grillz that has electroplated gold over environmentally safe brass. 

Diamond Tooth Caps 

A diamond single tooth cap can be made of real diamonds, either natural or lab-grown, or cubic zirconia gems (cz). We sell both.  Our custom diamond single tooth grillz will set you back hundreds to thousands of dollars,  Our premade grillz are made of cz gems embedded on top of electroplated 14-18K yellow or white gold.