Cross Grillz

$15.00 USD

The cross grillz, like AK 47 Grillz, was made popular by Rihanna. at 2013 Video Music Awards Ceremony 2013.  She also did some selfies wearing this Grillz.

This is a great accessory to spark a conversation if you go to church or Sunday school day since it is not often Grillz are associated with Christianity.  its also great as an accessory for Priest or Nun costumes during Halloween, since it gives you extra protection against Vampires.

  • Single cap cross shape Grillz with silicone molding bar for a custom fit.
  • 19K Nickel-free gold plating over human-safe brass
  • Comes with instructions for an easy fit in under five minutes.
  • Get one or go all-out with two cross teeth for the set

Comes in Silver and Rose Gold as well.