What are top teeth grillz?

Upper Grillz, also called top row Grillz are worn on the upper row of your teeth. They are usually wider with bigger front caps since the upper row of your teeth tend to be bigger in size compared to your lower teeth.

Only wearing one row of Grillz is a less subtle and  intense way to  still  show of some silver, gold or diamonds. The top  Grillz are the most common type of Grillz (except full  sets),  since the upper row is the more exposed row of  your  teeth, people like to bling them up more compared  to the lower Grillz. If you're into flexing some bling, but don't want to go all-in with a full grill set, then top grillz might be the best choice for you.

Don't worry if your teeth/tooth isn't perfectly straight, the silicone mold 
will shape after your teeth without an issue.

How do I use my top teeth grill?

It's so easy you'd think we were joking! All of our upper Grillz are sold with silicone molding bar/bars and instruction manuals so you can mold your custom pair of grillz in the comfort of your own home, in 5 minutes! Just dip your Grillz with the silicone mold in hot water for as long as you need till the mold gets soft. When it has softened enough, you take the grillz out of the hot water and put them in your mouth. Now bite down in the silicone mold and leave them on until they harden, which usually takes about 2 to 3 minutes. That's it! Now you have your very own custom-fit upper grill! All our upper teeth grills are adult fit, so they should fit any adult teeth/mouth. 

What types of top grillz do you sell?

We have everything from diamond, gold to silver upper Grillz, top Grillz with fangs, you name it! We have Grillz for every budget - Cheap, standard, luxury, whatever you're after we're sure you'll find it in our grill store. 

The Upper Grillz from us are finely crafted with quality and dopeness in mind; these amazing Grillz are meant to be worn on the upper row of your teeth, they assume the exact size of your upper teeth, which makes them usually larger compared to the bottom set. Wearing only one row is also a cool way to rock the Grillz, in fact, I think it looks way better than the full set, but that's just me though, and we are different. Be it the complete set or the tpp set alone Rhino Grillz will satisfy your mouth jewelry needs. If you want to have that mildly blinged-out look without the whole set, this is the item for you. Don't miss it.