How to Guide for Custom Fitting Your Grillz

Every purchase comes with everything you need to get your grillz custom fitted right at home in 5 minutes. 

The included silicone molding AKA fixing bars will ensure that the grillz are fit and firmly secured to your mouth even without the expensive dental custom molding. These silicone molding bars could be utilized over and over, which makes it quite easy to get the grillz in and out your mouth without causing any form of pain to your gum. 

grillz instructions, guide how to custom fit grillz

Let's get started.

First of all get the following items: Soft tooth brush, floss & toothpaste

  1. Get your mouth ready and clean, properly floss and brush your teeth and rinse it very well with water to get it ready for custom fitting, you don't want any plaque or germs stocked in your mouth when you fit your custom fit grillz. 
  2. The custom fit grillz are crafted to be worn over the teeth of the wearer. Gently fold the Grillz to adjust it to the shape of your mouth, curve the Grillz to mimic the shape of your teeth. 
  3. Curve out the hooks found on the bottom. 
  4. Put the fixing bar onto the center of the Grillz (where you insert your teeth) then press down gently. 
  5. Pick them up with the silicone molding bar used with clean tweezers, place the fixing bar and the Grillz into a bowl of hot water (165-175 F degrees - do not put them in boiling water). 
  6. Let the grill and the molding bar sit in the water for a while until it turns clear. Get the them out with tweezers then shake off the excess of water on the fixing bar and the grillz. 
  7. To see your teeth and mouth when you apply this awesome mouth jewelry is very important, stand in front of a mirror, then carefully slip the grillz onto your mouth. 
  8. Place your grill till it feels fitted and secures without feeling loose, too tight or uncomfortable. It fits perfectly when it isn't too loose or too tight, and should not cause any discomfort. 
  9. It's perfectly normal to bend, shift and adjust your grillz even apply pressure to it until it fits just right for you.

    That's it! You now have your own custom fit grillz for a fraction of the price!

    How Grillz May Affect Your Teeth

  • Grills could promote tooth decaying and plaque formulation because bacteria and food particles are likely to build up in between the grills and the teeth or tooth. Make sure to detach the grills before having your breakfast, launch or dinner and consistently rinse it often to remove food particles and bacteria.

  • They are also known to lead to abrasion of the teeth, and this borders it. Grill fans or people that always wear these beautiful accessories should make certain to whiten their teeth when they eventually stop using them as continuous use of the grills could cause teeth discoloration.

  • Individuals that use this amazing mouth jewelry should especially pay more attention to dental hygiene, and go through the consistent routine of daily flossing and brush at least two times a day.