While not as popular as full set Grillz (top and bottom), bottom row Grillz according to our sales data is more popular than top Grillz, with sales of the former usually double that of the latter.  Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and Rihanna have been seen wearing bottom or lower teeth Grillz.    

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Bottom Grillz are shorter in width and not as high compared to top grills, the reason is that your lower teeth usually are thinner, less wide, and smaller compared to your top row, 

We have diamond bottom grillz, bottom gold grillz, silver, rose gold, and bottom grillz with fangs, you name it!  Most of our grillz are 24K gold plated, but some cheaper one's can be different gold plated, metal, etc. However, all of our grills are nickel free. 

Bottom Grillz For Females

While they are popular with both men and women, bottom row grill are more popular among women than men, particularly given how many female celebrities are seen sporting them as shown below.  You can get Grillz that are sexy or cute, depending on your style. We think they are popular with women and girlz, because they are more subtle and less in your face.

Different Types of Bottom Row Grillz

While we talked about various types like fang grillz, we will focus on three bottom row Grillz that are the most popular, Open Face,  Bottom Bar Grillz, and diamond bottom Grillz.

Bottom Diamond Grillz

Kylie was seen wearing this Grillz in 2016 just before Valentine's Day. it is her second Grillz. You can get the premade version of the grill here.


Diamond or Ice Out Grillz are in demand from celebrities because they are the ultimate luxury Item.  If you want to look like your favorite stars without spending a fortune you can get imitation cubic zirconia gemstones   However, we also sell grillz with real diamonds, whether natural or lab-grown.  Prices can range from US20 to tens of thousands of dollars.  

Bottom Fang Grillz

 Beyonce was first seen wearing these fangs in 2013. She was seen wearing them a couple of times since.   You can get the silver-plated version here.


These fangs aren't just popular for Halloween, they can be worn anytime as Beyonce shows.

Rita Ora Bottom Black Grillz

This is Rita Ora sporting a Rhodium Black Grillz, you can get one just like her's here.  Ny is unconventional like Rita, and orders something that few people wear.  Rita Ora was seen wearing this grillz in 2013


While some people call it a silver Grillz, to us it looks like a Rhodium Black Grillz.

Kim Kardashian Bottom Grillz

In March of 2021, Kim Kardashian posted on Instagram showing off her new opal bottom open face Grillz studded with diamonds. The piece was made by Gabby Elan Jewelry, and cost from $200 to $1,200 for a tooth

However, we offer a similar Grillz made of Ethiopian Opals and ca diamonds for under US$100 for both top and bottom grillz, as shown below

Bottom Bar Grillz

Jourdan Dunn is a British model and is seen sporting a bottom bar Grillz that is studded with diamonds.  The bottom bar grillz is quite a popular grillz.


How Much Do Bottom Row Grillz Cost?

It depends on what base material you use, designs, and if add gems to your Grillz.  First, off, a single tooth cap or Grillz can be fitted on both the top and bottom row of teeth, and they cost anywhere from US$9-12 including shipping for premade Grillz.  A custom-made 18K gold bottom row teeth Grillz studded with real diamond can set you back US$100.000.

The table below provides an estimate of how much a row (not single) of bottom grillz will cost, this can vary if you get 6, 8, or 10 teeth.

 Material 6 Teeth 8 teeth  10 teeth
Premade (Plated) US$10-20 US$10-20 N/A
Custom (Silver) US$180 US$240 US$300
Custom (10K Gold) US$360 US$440 US$550
Custom (14K Gold) US$480 US$600 US$700
Custom (18K Gold) US$750 US$960 US$1200


Fake Bottom Grillz

Our fake bottom grillz or premade grillz, are cheap and ready-made, meaning they cost you only US$10-20. and will; get to you in 7-10 business days.  They are more affordable than our custom grillz, and are scratch and tarnish resistant.  Our fake grillz are electroplated with silver, 14-18K yellow / white gold, and are electroplated 304 times.  Many of the more expensive "silver" looking premade grillz are in fact plated with white gold.

Real Gold and Silver Bottom Grillz

Our real gold bottom and silver bottom grillz are made of real gold and silver and are custom-made to order. The silver bottom grillz are made .925 sterling. The gold grillz for bottom teeth use either 10K, 14K or 18K gold.

Furthermore, they are custom-made to fit your teeth, we do this by sending you a free mold kit so you can do a mold of your teeth from the comfort of your home. Once a mold is made you send it back to us and will make your custom bottom grillz.

For both gold and silver grillz, you can get different colors.  For bottom gold grillz you can get them in different alloys -- yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold.  For silver grills you can have them plated with yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold.

Different Grillz Designs

If you want to make your Grillz more interesting and dazzling. Depending on the design additional cost if added on a custom grillz will run anywhere from $0 to 1$0 per tooth.

Bottom Diamond Dust Grillz

Diamond Dust Grillz looks like diamond dust has been sprinkled on the grill, but it is in fact made by applying a hammering machine on the surface of the grillz to create small impressions, that mimic specks of dust.

Bottom Diamond Cut Grillz

Is a popular design, and is often combined with Diamond Dust.   The design is created by making slanting cuts across the surface.

Bottom Princess Cut Grillz

 A princess is made by making up and down cuts and right and left cuts across the grillz, so they form squares that run across the grillz, like   the illustrations below..


Bottom Nugget Grillz

Nugget design is a rather complicated design, and as a result, can cost up additional @0 / tooth.


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