What are bottom teeth grillz?

Bottom grillz or lower grills are the grill you wear on your lower teeth, while upper/top grillz are worn on your upper teeth. We have gold bottom grills, silver bottom grills and rose gold! A full grill set contains both bottom and top grillz. It's a bit more discreet when you only rock one row of teeths with grillz compared to the full mouth grills (set) where your whole mouth blings. 

Bottom grillz are usually a bit shorter in width and not  as high compared to top grills, the reason is that you  lower teeth usually are thinner, less wide and just  generally smaller teeth compared to your top row, so  make sure you buy the correct ones when you order  grillz from us!

How do I use my bottom grillz?

It's simple! All of our bottom grillz are sold with silicone molding bar/bars and instructions so you can mold your custom pair of grillz right at home, in 5 minutes. Don't worry, it's extremly easy - Simply dip your bottom grillz with the silicone molding in hot water until the silicone starts to soften, then bite down in the silicone molding for about 2 minutes until it hardens - DONE, now you have your very own custom bottom grillz speifically made for your teeth/mouth. All our bottom teeth grillz are adult fit, so they should fit any adult teeth/mouth. 

Show off your personal style and fashion with our bottom grillz in silver, gold and rose gold. We have everything from grillz on a budget to luxury styles. If you don't want to have your whole mouth/teeth filled with gold, then maybe bottom grillz is the thing for you.

(Tip: Bottom grills goes really well with a single tooth grill on the upper teeth!)

What types of bottom grillz do you sell?

We have diamond bottom grillz diamonds, bottom gold grillz, silver grills, rosegold grills, bottom grillz with fangs, you name it! Most of our grillz are 24K gold plated, but some cheaper one's can be different gold plated, metal, etc. However all of our grills are nickel free. We are confident that you will find your favourite pair of bottom grills at "storename"

Rappers, actors, singers and celebrities have all been spotted wearing Grillz nowadays. Madonna(!!), Migos, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Nelly, Harry Styles, Future - It's clear that grillz are here to stay, and not only that but also spreading to a wider audience. It's not only hip-hop culture today, it's class wide.


The lower Grillz are the Grillz that are worn on, the bottom set of teeth only, at Rhino Grillz we offer this remarkable product in gold, silver and rose gold, I think wearing a set either the lower row or the upper row will look captivating on me, it's just extra beauty and extra quality with less  cash at Rhino Grillz so why won't I order?,

These Grillz are mostly thinner, less wide and generally smaller compared to the top row or upper row Grillz as a result of the more trivial nature of the lower teeth, it's just perfect with Rhino Grillz, I can't emphasize enough how pleased our clients always are after buying and rocking CHEAP but top quality Grillz from Rhino Grillz. Be sure to specify which particular row you want when placing your order, be it upper or the lower set, you will be amazed by what you get.

Don't worry if your teeth/tooth isn't perfectly straight, the silicone mold will shape after your teeth without an issue.