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Welcome to Rhino Grillz. We offer affordable grillz with quality

Looking for removable grillz that won't break your bank? You've come to the right site! Rhino Grillz are a supplier of custom fitted removable Grillz for girls as well as guys (They're all unisex!). All our Grillz come with a silicon moulding bar that you simply dip in hot water and bite down into ­– Bam! Your very own custom-fit teeth grill in 5 minutes at home, without the need to see a dentist for expensive moulds. We have removable grills in silver, gold and rose gold, as well as vampire fangs, single tooth caps and much more.

Grills popularity have been steadily growing over the past six years. Since then, they've been known by several different names, such as gold teeth, gold slugs and gold caps. No matter what you want to call them, we've got them and are guaranteed to fit every time!

The beauty of our Grillz is that they are customised to fit your mouth and teeth only. Once you’ve used the moulding bar to fit the grills to your mouth they simply slide over your teeth causing no harm and they are removable at any time with ease, just "snap" them on and off at your leisure.

The site has been loaded with information to help explain in more details what they are. With this, we welcome you to browse our site and experience the setting of an electrifying new fashion trend.


Quick Steps On How To Custom Fit Your Grillz From Our Online Store.

First of all get the following items: Soft tooth brush, floss & toothpaste. Get your mouth ready and clean, properly floss and brush your teeth and rinse it very well with water to get it ready for custom fitting, you don't want any plaque or germs stocked in your mouth when you fit your custom fit grillz.

  • Put your included silicone mold in the grillz & dip them with the mold in hot water (~107F) for a few seconds/a minutes or until mold has softened.
  • Take the grillz and mold out of the water and put in your mouth
  • Bite down into the mold/grillz and leave them on your teeth for a good 10 minutes.

Voila, your own custom fitted grillz – Without breaking your bank!

    CLICK HERE to read our full guide on how to custom fit your grillz for more information.

    It's time to literally put your money where your mouth is with the awesome custom fit gold grillz from us. Our highly esteemed and affordable grillz is sure to get you noticed and admired in the club and on the streets, we deal on only the best quality on a budget, entirely customized to fit you with a silicone mold (included in all orders).

    We are number online for the best cheap custom fit grillz, made of brass and plated with silver, gold (10K, 14K ETC), .925 Sterling Silver and more. Rhino Grillz is undoubtedly one of the best resources for quality but affordable and custom fitted at the same time. Most jewelry dealers in the USA do not sell gold teeth, why? Because they are mostly custom made and that's where we come in – Grillz custom fit with silicone melding bars! You can re-meld them at home at any time, in 5 minutes. Just re-do the first steps for custom fitting in the How-To Guide.


    Types of Grillz we have for sale

    Below we are going to be looking at the various types of Grillz we have for sale, the knowledge we are going to share with you should be enough to give you a clue on how you want your metal teeth to be. Knowing the different types is a paramount thing for anyone that wants some gold, silver, platinum or even diamonds in their mouths.