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[Custom] Solid Gold Grillz

[Custom] Solid Gold Grillz

$240.00 USD$2,400.00 USD
[Custom] 925 Solid Sterling Silver Grillz

[Custom] 925 Solid Sterling Silver Grillz

$130.00 USD$800.00 USD
[Custom][X4] 925 Silver Canine Fang Grillz

[Custom][X4] 925 Silver Canine Fang Grillz

$170.00 USD$320.00 USD
[Custom] 14K Gold Double Teeth Grillz Cap

[Custom] 14K Gold Double Teeth Grillz Cap

$150.00 USD$210.00 USD
[Custom] 2 Top 6 Bottom Solid Gold Grillz

[Custom] 2 Top 6 Bottom Solid Gold Grillz

$460.00 USD$980.00 USD


Custom grillz are grillz that are custom-made to fit your teeth. They are usually made from real gold or silver. Dentists or jewelers take molds of the teeth to create personalized designs, incorporating gems, patterns, or various metals. Grillz can be removable or permanently attached, offering a customizable aesthetic. Initially popularized in the music industry, they've become a fashion statement, reflecting individual style and status. While they can vary in complexity and cost, custom grillz ultimately serve as ornamental dental adornments, expressing personal flair and uniqueness.


Custom grillz are individually crafted to fit a specific person's teeth, tailored in design and material, and fit through a mold of the wearer's teeth. They often use high-quality metals and allow for intricate designs, reflecting personal style. In contrast, premade grillz are mass-produced, offering limited customization and made to fit a general range of teeth sizes. They're usually more affordable, featuring standardized designs and materials like electroplated metals. Prices generally fall between $10 and $90, making them accessible.   Once your order, it will be shipped right away, you can get them in 4 - 15 days depending on location Let's get going! Custom grillz prioritize personalization and precision, while premade options cater to broader tastes at a lower cost.


  1. Ordering: You order the grillz from us, and we will send a mold kit to you.  It will take 3-4 days for the mold kit to arrive. You can email/ chat with us online for a consultation.

  2. Dental Molding: An impression or mold of the teeth is taken using dental putty This mold captures the exact shape and size of the teeth to ensure a precise fit for the grillz. Once you have completed this, you can send the completed mold to us.

  3. Metal Casting and Shaping: The chosen metal is melted and poured into the mold created from the dental impression. Skilled craftsmen then shape the metal to match the mold accurately. Intricate designs, patterns, or gem settings are meticulously crafted into the metal during this stage.s.

  4. Finishing Touches: The grillz undergo a final polishing and cleaning process to achieve a lustrous shine. Any additional detailing, such as adding gems or engraving, is completed. The finished custom grillz are then ready for the wearer.

Each step requires precision and expertise to create custom grillz that not only fit flawlessly but also reflect the desired aesthetic and style of the individual.


Custom grillz showcase various materials, offering diverse aesthetics and price points:

  1. Precious Metals: Gold, particularly 10K, 14K, 18K, or 24K, is a popular choice for its durability and luxurious appearance. Silver and platinum are also used, each providing distinct finishes and value.

  2. Base Metals: Stainless steel, brass, and other base metals serve as more affordable alternatives to precious metals. They're often electroplated with gold, rose gold, or other finishes to mimic the look of higher-end materials.

  3. Diamonds and Gemstones: Custom grillz can incorporate diamonds or gemstones, enhancing their visual appeal. Diamonds are set into the metal for a lavish look, while gemstones add color and flair.

  4. Enamel and Accents: Enamel detailing or accents like intricate patterns, designs, or personalized engravings can be added to the grillz, offering unique and artistic touches.

  5. Specialty Materials: Some grillz might use unconventional materials like wood, ceramic, or even unconventional metals for a more avant-garde or specialized look, catering to unique tastes and styles.

Each material choice impacts the aesthetics, durability, and cost of the custom grillz, allowing individuals to select options that align with their preferences and budget.


Custom gold grillz are bespoke dental accessories crafted from 10K, 14K, or 18K gold, available in yellow, rose, or white gold finishes. Tailored to fit individual teeth, these luxurious adornments boast intricate designs or gem embellishments. Molds of teeth ensure precise sizing and comfort, creating a personalized statement that exudes opulence and style with its gleaming, high-quality gold composition.


Custom silver grillz are handcrafted from sterling silver, offering a more affordable alternative to gold. These grillz can be plated with yellow, rose, or white gold finishes, mimicking the luxurious look of gold while maintaining durability. Molded to fit teeth precisely, they showcase intricate designs or gem accents. Despite the cost difference, when plated with gold, they retain similar durability to gold grillz, allowing individuals to flaunt a stylish and personalized dental accessory without compromising on quality or aesthetic appeal.



Custom fang grillz are personalized dental accessories featuring pointed, fang-like extensions, often associated with a vampire aesthetic. Crafted to fit individual teeth, they're made of materials like gold or silver, tailored to unique specifications and sometimes adorned with gems, offering a striking and distinctive look.


Custom gap grillz are uniquely crafted dental accessories designed to fit teeth with intentional gaps. Tailored to individual specifications, these grillz are made of materials like gold or silver, molded precisely to accommodate the spaces between teeth, creating a personalized and edgy aesthetic statement.


Custom single tooth grillz are individualized dental ornaments crafted to cover a solitary tooth. Made from materials like gold or silver, they're meticulously shaped to fit the specific tooth, offering a personalized embellishment. These grillz accentuate the tooth with style, often showcasing intricate designs or gem embellishments.


 Custom grillz vary widely in price based on materials, design intricacy, and craftsmanship. Basic designs using base metals might start around $70 per tooth, while premium options crafted from higher karat gold or incorporating diamonds can soar into the thousands. Single Premade options may cost less, ranging from $20 to $90. Factors like gemstones, enamel detailing, or unique designs add to the cost. The intricacy of customization, quality of materials, and jeweler's expertise significantly influence prices, making custom grillz available across a broad price spectrum to cater to different preferences and budgets.

 Here is a table showing the costs of various types of gold and silver grillz

Material  Single Tooth Full Set (Top and Bottom)
Premade (Plated) US$ 10-20 US$20-50
Custom (Silver) US$ 80-120 US$ 600
Custom (10K Gold) US$ 100-120 US$ 1000
Custom (14K Gold) US$ 120-140 US$ 1400
Custom (18K Gold) US$ 140-160 US$ 2400