We have the freshest grillz online in all kinds of different types, styles and designs. We stock silver single tooth caps, silver grill sets, bottom silver Grillz, open-faced silver grillz, vampire fangs, diamond iced grills, you name it.

Silver Grillz that won't break your bank

Perhaps you like the idea of Silver Grillz more, but you are thinking of something much more subtle for the occasion you plan on attending, do you feel the gold grills can only be used when attending major events? Do you think they’re are too flashy for your regular dress code? Well, you are in luck because we have a reliable solution at RHINO GRILLZ - Cheap Silver Grillz which does an impeccable job with any look or outfit. The obvious truth is that the Silver Grillz are just as beautiful, fresh, attractive and dope as the gold grillz.

We stock an extensive collection of white gold grillz in our collection ranging in style from plain eight to 6 tooth grillz, to vampire fangs, diamond-encrusted and options of single tooth grillz.

Moreover, our white gold grillz are designed with precious metals and plated with white gold, in case you need more durable, quality and sustainable grillz with very friendly price tags, do not hesitate to go through our very Silver Grillz plated with rhodium (found in platinum ore) to make them last almost forever.

In the case that you feel somewhat old school yet adventurous enough to want to wear dazzling jewelry in your mouth, something of a neutral color to rhyme with your wardrobe, in our online store are various options you could choose from.

We love gold and will always consider it, but it isn't all there is in the world of grillz. Apart from the silver teeth we also have grillz crafted from .925 sterling silver these are quite trendy, yet not as flashy and loud as the gold grillz and could be worn and will fit almost anything you wear. You should consider stainless steel or solid sterling silver plated over with white gold;  these will graciously substitute for other colors. 

The Difference Between The Silver or White Gold Grillz 

In the first place, they are different colors, the white gold resemblance to silver is as a result of the metal being called with silver-colored metals such as palladium, silver or nickel. The good part of it is that it offers much more resistance to scratches and has more durability than the regular gold as it is made with thicker metals. However, because the white gold is colored silver, they are not too flashy thereby letting them match more styles and dress codes.

Most times the question I get from potential Grillz clients is "what color should I go for"? Gold or silver? Silver or Gold? You alone are the one who can answer that question, because it depends wholly on what you want to achieve with your look, how you roll, and what style and color of dressing you want. Well, it is quite obvious that grillz from us are sure to provide you with the finishing touches you require for your look that will give you the added swag, confidence and freshness you need to look great all day.

Some advice save your gold grillz for major events when you need to draw plenty attention when you need to make a shiny first impression etc. but when you require a much more casual appearance, go for something less bright and more fitted to your every day wears, consider the silver or white gold grillz in place of the yellow gold grillz, it's a little understated but could be just what you require to look your best.

Some Things You Should Know.

  • To prevent issues, try to reduce the time you spend wearing the detachable Grillz. If you already have a grill then, you might already be aware that you must remove them before you eat.
  • Clean it every day to get rid of food debris and bacteria. Also, you should avoid utilizing jewelry cleaning chemicals and liquids that could be lethal when ingested.
  • Ask your dentist's advice before going for one in order to avoid regrets in the nearest future.
  • Be careful when flossing and brushing with a view of avoiding potential mishaps. Food debris and leftover particles might become trapped in between the grill and the teeth thereby letting bacteria to form and produce acids, these acids will subsequently lead to tooth decaying and gum tissue damage, bacteria may also lead to bad breath too, but all these could be averted if you step your dental hygiene game up.

    Silver is very fashionable and will never go out of style, with silver teeth grills you can’t go wrong. Diamond silver grillz usually looks extremely icey (Gucci Mane – So Icey anyone?) and looks like a field of snow. Gold or silver? Well, that’s up to you and what your taste is like. Or what not both, and mix it up?

Rhino Grillz have a lot to offer but the most premium and trendy designs come up with silver grillz. We offer you a quality silver grillz at such an incredible prize that you won’t wait for another second to get on. Our silver grillz come in a variety of cool designs and styles. Do you want a silver crown of your own, but not for your head, despite for your teeth? The only idea of getting silver mouthpiece will blow your mind. You name it and we will design it for you at the most reasonable prices ever.

The silver grillz are rather trendy to give you a casual look at events. Whether you are clubbing late night or attending a formal party, getting on your custom silver grillz will give you the coolest look ever among our squad. They are beautiful, subtle, and a unique piece of art for your mouth.

Either you want a full set, upper set, single tooth, bottom grillz, vampire Fangs, Pendant grillz in silver, gold or studded with diamond, you can shop it online with us, anytime. You can either choose a color of your own. The set is molded to fit your teeth best and is available in three forms: permanent, instant, customized.

Don’t get confused in either getting a gold or silver grillz. Our jewelers will guide you all the way until you get a look of your own choice. No doubt, gold grillz really look iconic and draws a lot of attention but in the daily routine you might get tired of them and looking for a classy look. Then stamped silver grillz, standard vampire silver grillz, silver crown grillz, iced diamond silver grill etc. can be the best choice to make. Don’t dream anymore, it’s time to change it into reality with Rhino Grillz, serving you for years.