Sterling Silver Grillz in the Grillz industry is call by many names 925 Sterling Silver Grillz, Custom Silver Grillz, 925 Silver Grillz and Real Silver Grillz, but they all mean the same thing, they are referring to grillz made of entirely of high purity silver.   Secondly, nearly all Sterling silver grillz are custom made, meaning the grillz are made from a mold impression of your teeth, and comfortably.  

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.925 Sterling Silver or just plain Sterling Silver is an alloy of silver that contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals.  .925 Sterling Silver is used interchangably with Sterling Silver. This is the most common type of silver that is used for making jewelry. The other metals used could be copper, zinc, and other metals to reduce tarnishing.

Fine Silver, or 99.9% silver is also used, but is soft is used for some type of jewelry, but definitely not for grillz, since its too soft.


If you want and affordable option to solid gold grillz, but still want custom grillz, one option is to get a set of gold plated .925 silver grillz. Gold plated silver grillz, are sterling silver grillz that have been plated with a layer of copper, zinc and finally gold.  These alternating lawyers are plated 3-4 times.  

All our silver grillz have the option o having them plated with yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.

The price of Gold Plated Silver Grillz is usually 30-50% cheaper than the 10K  Gold, cheapest solid gold grillz that we sell.

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