Are grillz bad for your teeth? Do grills hurt your teeth, or do they pose a threat to your health? These are common questions among grillz wearers.

 Here's everything you need to know.   

Grillz is synonymous with rappers, hip-hop stars, and other big names in the entertainment industry. This dental jewelry is worn as a single piece either over a tooth or as a set that covers the visible parts of your lower or upper dental arch, sometimes both.

This removable dental accessory is worn to establish identity and self-expression but is often associated with wanting to show off. Other names of grillz include grills, golds, slugs, and fronts. 

Are grillz bad for your teeth?

A straightforward answer? No.

The American Dental Association, or ADA, clearly states no conclusive study shows that grillz are bad for your teeth. This is true if the grillz are of a high-quality meaning – the grillz are made of real gold, silver or other precious metals. . 

Why is the quality of the grillz such an issue?

This is because grillz made of base metals, aka iron, zinc, lead, copper, and nickel, may cause allergic reactions and irritation, warns the ADA. Base metal grillz can trap bacteria between the teeth and the grills, causing cavities, bad breath, gum diseases, and bone loss in severe cases. 

However, at Rhinogrillz are premade grillz are plated with a protective layer of gold or other non-corrosive metal.

In addition to the quality of the grillz, you also need to ensure that you don't wear them continuously and take good care of them, which we elaborate on further in this post. 

What about gums? Are grillz bad for your gums?

Not necessarily. If you wear good quality grillz, you have nothing to worry about. Grillz made of precious metal, is not bad for your gums at all. 

Tips to make sure grillz don't hurt your teeth 

Below are some pro tips to ensure your grillz does not hurt your gums or teeth. 

Get your grillz from a credible dealer

The quality of your grillz is paramount to whether they hurt your teeth or your gums. It is not just important to check that your grillz are made of gold or other metals. Credible jewelers take a mold of your teeth so that the custom grillz are not only bespoke  but unrivaled in terms of comfort.  

Even if you can't afford custom-made grillz, we have plenty of premade grillz to choose from and, of course, buy the one that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Do not use adhesives  

Grillz are temporary, which means you can take them off as required. A common mistake among first time grillz wearers is that they add adhesives to set of grillz to make them stick better. This will not only harm your teeth and gums, but you can damage the grillz. 

Careful handling of the grillz is also important while wearing them and taking them off.

Practice good dental hygiene  

Good dental hygiene is important regardless of whether you wear grillz or not. However, you should be extra diligent about brushing and flossing your teeth before you wear the grillz. 

Traces of food between your grillz and teeth are a surefire way to foster bacteria leading to dental problems. Besides, you don't want food traces and germs between your pearly whites and a set of solid grills, would you?

Clean your grillz

Cleaning your grillz is also necessary to keep them sanitary and prevent them from harming your teeth or gums. When you buy grillz from a credible dealer, it usually comes with cleaning instructions that you must follow to the dot. 

Use of harsh chemicals to clean your grillz is not recommended as it harms you and the set of grills. 

Wrapping up  

To wrap up, grillz are not bad for your teeth or gums. However, the quality of the grills is critical, and taking good care of your dental jewelry is important to make them the center of attraction every time you smile.