Vampire Fang Grillz: Jewelry for Vampire Diaries Fans?

Vampire Fang Grillz: Jewelry for Vampire Diaries Fans?

FANG grillz, also known as Vampire fang grillz is Grillz but with fangs, like a vampire. They are available in wide ranges of styles and colors. We also sell the fangs themselves as single fangs for a tooth, which means you only have to buy the grillz for two teeth to look like a vampire instead of a set that covers your entire mouth. We sell a pack of 2 vampire fangs to a single tooth, and they are trendy! Vampire fang grillz are very different from the rest. They are, well, picky and it looks like you're going to bite someone's neck for dinner. That does not mean it's Halloween for you to wear a pair of vampire fangs.


Grillz with Fangs has become one of the hottest new trends in hip-hop and rap culture with people like Miley Cyrus, Beyonce and Kylie Jenner wearing them.

The world of celebrities clearly states that grills are here to stay. It is a rap / hip hop culture that has spread to a wider audience and is appreciated by all races, cultures and people. If you want a unique pair of top fangs, a complete set, a fang tooth or a bottom fang to show your blood sucking desires or just being the coolest person at the next Halloween party, we are sure to have fangs for you. Rhino Grillz offers a wide range of fangs, including gold, silver, inlaid with CZ stones or rose gold. Our fang caps and our selection of fang grillz vampires are great. You name the grill, we have them!

Whatever the occasion, our vampire fangs are a great way to add something more to your fashion style. A pair of simple teeth works perfectly as a subtle fashion statement, while a full set of our grillz fangs is a great show. Trust us, people will watch!

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