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Window Grillz

Window Grillz

$25.00 USD
[Custom] Solid Gold Open Face Grillz

[Custom] Solid Gold Open Face Grillz

$240.00 USD$2,400.00 USD
[Custom] Solid White Gold Open Face Grillz

[Custom] Solid White Gold Open Face Grillz

$240.00 USD$2,400.00 USD


  • What Does Open Face Grillz Mean?
  • Open Face Female Grillz
  • How Much Do Open Face Grillz Cost?
          1. Custom Open Face Grillz
          2. Premade Open Face Grillz
  • What are the Different Materials Used For Open Face Grillz?
          1. Silver Open Face Grillz
          2. Rose Gold Open Face Grillz
          3. Gold Open Face Grillz
  • What are the Different Types Of Open Face Grillz?
          1. Open Face Tooth Caps
          2. Open Face Heart Grillz
          3. Open Face Opal Grillz
          4. Open Face Fang Grillz
          5. Open Face Diamond Grillz
  • What Are Different Grillz Designs?
          1. Open Face Diamond Dust Grillz
          2. Open Face Diamond Cut Grillz
  • Single Tooth, Top, Bottom or Full Set Open Face Grillz?

  • What Does Open Face Grillz Mean?

    Is a type of grillz, where the metal doesn't cover the whole teeth, but only forms an outline, hence the name open face. Other names used are  Window GrillzOutline Grillz, or Hollow Grills. Open face grillz bring out the natural beauty of a good set of teeth.

    Open Face Female Grillz

    Is particularly popular with women and teenage girls. We suspect it has to do with the grillz, highlighting the natural beauty of one's smile, whereas men usually buy their grillz to show off their bling and their machoism. 

    Gril Wearing Gold Open Face Grillz

    If you are searching for open face grillz for females, you can easily get it at rhinogrillz.

    How Much Do Open Face Grillz Cost?

    This question doesn't have a simple answer, it can range from US$10 for a premade single tooth gap made of electro-plated gold to over US$2000 for custom made 18K Open Face Grillz for all your front teeth and US$5000-6000 if the grillz are encrusted with real diamonds.

    The table provides a rough breakdown of the cost (including shipping)

    Material  Single Tooth Full Set (Top and Bottom)
    Premade (Plated) US$ 10-20 US$20-50
    Custom (Silver) US$ 80-120 US$ 600
    Custom (10K Gold) US$ 100-120 US$ 1000
    Custom (14K Gold) US$ 120-140 US$ 1400
    Custom (18K Gold) US$ 140-160 US$ 2400


    As one can see the price can vary depending on the material used and whether one gets a single tooth or a full set.  

    Custom Open Face Grillz

    Custom grillz are made of real .925 sterling silver or real gold. At rhinogrillz, are real gold grillz are made of either 10K,14K or 18K dental gold.  Furthermore, they are custom-made to fit, because we send you a mold kit so you can do a mold of your teeth from the convenience of your own home.  Once you have a mold of your teeth, you send the mold back to us, and we will make your grillz.

    It is crucial to get your custom grillz from a reliable manufacturer, this is because making custom gold teeth that fit, requires a multi-step crafting process. The last thing you should do is to buy an expensive set of grillz, costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars, to find they don't fit. However, at rhinogrillz, we will make sure your permanent open face grillz will fit comfortably.

    Premade Open Face Grillz

    Premade open face grillz are ready-made, and are fitted to your teeth using silicon molding bars, so there isn't a long wait time to get the grillz made. you order them, and you will get them within 7-10 business days. They are usually made of electro-plated silver/gold metal, and as a result, are much cheaper than the custom grillz as shown in the above table.

    What Are The Different Materials Used For Open Face Grillz?

    At rhinogrillz, you will find various materials used. 

    Silver Open Face Grillz

    Are for those people who want a more subtle way of highlighting their teeth in contrast to gold. We have three options for people who want silver color grillz, you have premade silver griils, which are plated silver. For our custom grillz, they are made of either .925 sterling silver or 10K. 14K or 18K white gold.

    Rose Gold Open Face Grillz

    Rose Gold Jewelry, which includes grillz, is made by mixing higher % copper (as opposed to silver) with gold, and this applies to both our custom real rose gold grillz, and our premade rose gold grillz. Like silver, rose gold is an elegant and romantic color to highlight your teeth. An open face grillz of this color is particularly stunning when matched with jewelry of the same color as rose gold chain, necklaces, or rings. 

    Gold Open Face Grillz

    Is the most popular color for our grillz overall, including for open face. With a gold grillz, it highlights your teeth, while showing to the world that you have bling.  This is even more true if you choose to get grillz encrusted with diamonds or other gemstones. Our gold open face grills come in either our premade 14K plated gold, .925 silver gold plated grillz, or our real 10K, 14K, and 18K gold.

    What Are The Different Types of Open Face Grillz?

    There are various types of open-face Grillz, they are:

    Open Face Tooth Cap

    The most popular type for open face grillz is the single open face tooth cap, whereas for our types of grillz it's usually a full set.  The single tooth grillz comes in a variety of styles, the first is single, double, or filled. Here is an example of our single open-face grillz cap

    Girl with Open Face Grillz With Diamond Border

    There are also various types of single tooth open face grillz, such as standard, with shapes such as hearts, single open face fang grillz or one studded with gemstones.

    Open Face Heart Grillz

    The open-face heart is expertly crafted to beautify your teeth and assist you with expressing love and compassion to the people around you, whether friends, romantic partners, or family.

    Open Face Opal Grillz

    While most open face Grillz are rather plain, there are those that are studded or inlaid with gemstones, like these Opal Grillz below.

    Open Face Opal Grillz

    Opal Grillz is just one of the many Grillz that are studded with gemstones.  Our Opal Grillz is popular because depending on the opal grade, you can real premade opal ones for around US$70-80. Or you splurge and pay a couple of hundreds or thousands for our real gold grillz inlaid with more expensive Opals.

    Open Face Fang Grillz

    Many individuals believe that the open face grillz with fangs are only vogue and popular during the Halloween season; however, this isn't true. The canine grillz can be worn in normal times as well. 

    Open Face Diamond Grillz

    Diamond or Ice Out Grillz are popular among rappers and those in the hip-hop industry, and this also applies to people who get Open Face Grillz.  You can get your imitation CZ gemstones, lab-grown diamonds, or real diamonds, your choice is really dependent on your budget.  Prices can range from US20 to tens of thousands of dollars. Our Open Face Diamond Grillz come in a variety of styles like princess and baguette. 

    What are the Different Grillz Designs?

    Below are some of the different designs:

    Open Face Diamond Dust Grillz

    Diamond dust Grillz as shown below, gives the impression of diamond dust sprinkled on the Grillz. However, in reality, diamond dust grillz are made by applying a special gas/electric hammering machine on the gold / silver grillz or other jewelry that gives the dust-like effect.

    Open Face Diamond Cut Grillz?

    Diamond cut grillz are a style that has been around for some time. They're made by adding little slanting cuts into the piece in a crisscrossing pattern to make up the diamond cut design.

    Single Tooth, Top, Bottom or Full Set Open Face Grillz?

    Whether you get a single tooth open Face Grillz or choose a top, bottom or full set, it really depends on the individual taste and budget.  However, these type of grillz, the single or double tooth Grillz are more popular than