Brush your teeth and floss, and rinse with water to get ready for your custom fitting.   You want your mouth to be clean when you fit your premade grillz.

How to Mold Grillz To Your Teeth

Silicone molding will ensure the grillz fit and are firmly secured to your teeth. These silicone molding bars can be removed, put back and used repeatedly

  1. Gently fold the Grillz to adjust it to the shape of your mouth.    
  2. Curve out the hooks found on the bottom. 
  3. Put the fixing bar onto the center of the Grillz (where you insert your teeth) then press down gently. 

    Put The Grillz and Molding Bar in Hot Water

    1. Using clean tweezers, put fixing bar and Grillz into a bowl of hot water (165-175F or  74-77C  degrees). Do not put them in boiling water. 
    2. Let the grill and the bar sit in the water until the molding bar clear. Than remove them with tweezers, shake the excess of water on the Grillz and  molding bar. 

      How To Get Grillz On Your Teeth

      1. To see your teeth and mouth when you apply this awesome mouth jewelry is very important, stand in front of a mirror, then carefully slip the grillz onto your mouth. 
      2. Place your grill till it feels fitted and secures without feeling loose, too tight or uncomfortable. It fits perfectly when it isn't too loose or too tight, and should not cause any discomfort. 
      3. It's perfectly normal to bend, shift and adjust your grillz even apply pressure to it until it fits just right for you.


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