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Looking for removable grillz that won't break your bank? You've come to the right site! Rhino Grillz offers Cheap Premade Grillz and Custom Grillz.  

What is the Difference Between Premade and Custom Grillz?

There are two differences between Premade Grillz and Custom, the first being 1) How they are Made and Fitted and 2) What Materials are Used? 

How They Are Made and Fitted?

Premade grillz are already made, and are fitted to your teeth using silicon molding bars. You dip the molding bars and grillz into hot water to soften them, wait and than take them out after a couple of minutes.  You than you put the grillz allowing with the molding bar into you teeth, once the molding bar hardens it will fit snugly to your teeth. For further instructions refer to the page HIPHOP GRILLZ INSTRUCTIONS.

Custom Grillz are custom made to order to fit your teeth. First you order the type of grillz you want, single teeth, bottom, top or full set of grillz, than we send you a molding kit. Once you get the molding kit, you make a mold impression of your teeth using the kit. Once you have made the mold impression you send it back to us, and we will use it to make your Grillz. This process takes about 4-6 weeks from the time you order to getting your Grillz. For further instructions refer to the page MAKING A MOLD IMPRESSION.

 What Materials are Used? 

Our Premade Grillz are made environmentally and human safe brass that has been plated over with 14K/18K Gold or 925 Silver, and the gems used for the iced out grillz are zircon. So if you want cheap grillz, than these type of Grillz are the grillz for you. .

The custom grillz are made of real 10K, 14K and 18K gold,  if they are gold grillz or 925 Sterling silver if they are silver grillz  Some of the silver grillz can be plated with gold if you choose.

Should you choose Premade or Custom ?

If you want cheap grillz and fast, than the premade are for you. But if you want quality, better fit and something that last than spending the extra money for a quality set of grillz is worth it.

Types Of Premade Grillz For Sale

While are have many types of premade grillz, ranging from Gold Plated, Silver Plated, Rainbow Grillz, Black Grillz, etc. Here are some of the more popular types of grillz.