While not as common as Grillz of other colors such as gold or silver, black is still popular and comes in a variety of materials and styles, such as our Black Diamond Grillz. We have both premade and custom Grillz.

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Black Gold Grillz

This type of grillz is usually rhodium plated over gold or other metals. Rhodium plating gives these a dark shiny surface.

Rhodium is a naturally occurring member of the platinum group of metals. It’s extremely tough and able to resist corrosion and scratches, as a result, it is a very good plating material.  Rhodium is often used in jewelry, but because of its high price, it is only used for plating even in genuine silver or white gold jewelry.  It adds a reflective white shine to the jewelry.  Solid (pure) rhodium is very rare, less because of the high price, but because of its very high melting point and hardness.  We sell both premade and custom rhodium-plated Grillz.

Enamel Grillz

The second, less common, type is the Enamel Grillz. Enamel is made of metal and a powder coating. The process involves fusing the powder coating to the base metal at extremely high temperatures. Enamel is quite temperamental and requires great skill in getting it just right. Here is our version of this type of grillz.  There are many types of enamel techniques., but for our grillz we use the most common technique  Limoges, where the enamel is pained over the metal.  It was discovered in the late 1400s in the French town of Limoges.

Fang Grillz

Our most popular Grillz is our variety of vampire or fang Grillz. We have single tooth as well as full set fang.   Fang Grillz are great for expressing yourself at night on the time, whether its clubbing or a costume party. The black makes your fangs stand out when worn, much more so than gold or silver grill.

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