Black Enamel Grillz

€38,95 EUR

Position: Top and Bottom

Top and Bottom

This is a stylish black enamel Grillz. is great for people who want to stand out from the usual silver and gold Grillz that are popular with most people. Suitable for all occasions: Our Grillz can be perfect for any occasion, such as Halloween costumes, costume parties, music concerts, and birthday parties.

  • Made of hard black enamel over 18K gold plated over human-safe copper.  
  • Lead and nickel free.
  • One size fit 99% of people through the use of adjustable silicon molds, even those with chipped or missing teeth.
  • Includes bottom row Grillz, FDA-licensed silicone melding bar & instructions for custom fitting in five minutes.
  • Unisex design 

The black enamel is bordered by 4K Gold plated over human-safe copper.  Sold as a full set or just the bottom and top.