Rose gold is amazing on Grillz!  Subtle, but so beautiful. Mostly worn by girls, and its been called "Grillz for girlz", because the color is associated with weddings.  However, it's a unisex color. They go well with your other jewelry and make your mouth sparkle

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Rose Gold vs Yellow Gold?

The difference between Rose Gold and Yellow Gold is the former has more copper mixed in with the gold than the latter.

For example, both 18K Yellow Gold and 18K Rose Gold contain 75% Gold, but the composition of the other 25% is different.   For Yellow Gold, the other metals silver and zinc, while Rose Gold it is is primarily Copper.

With the exception of color, Rose Gold has the same physical properties as Yellow Gold, so 18K Rose Gold is just as durable as 18K Yellow Gold.

Different Materials Used?

Your grillz can be electroplated or real.  Plated Grillz is made by electroplating layers of gold on top of another metal.  For our premade grillz it means electroplating 14K gold over brass.  For custom silver Grillz, one has the option of applying an 18K rose gold layer over Sterling Silver.

Our Custom Real Rose Gold grillz are made of real rose gold., and come in 10K, 14K or 18. The advantage as opposed to plated Grillz, is they are more durable, and you don't have to worry about the plating wearing off.

What are Our Most Popular Items?

Here is a list of our most popular Rosey Grillz.

Grillz Fangs

Diamond Grillz


Open Face 

8 Tooth Rose Gold Grill

Half Tooth Vampire Fang Grill

How Much Does Rose Gold Teeth Cost?

It depends and a variety of factors, basically, you can choose


If you are looking for a cheap grill, you should pick premade.  They are electroplated with rose gold over brass.  You will find a variety of styles ranging from vampire fangs, open faces, single caps, double teeth, full set, bottom, and top teeth, between US$ 10-40. They are adjusted to fit your mouth using silicon molding bars. Let's Get Started !!


They are custom fit by getting an impression of your mouth. Getting a gold mold impression ensures a product that will fit perfectly. The process is as follows. 1) We ship you a free mold kit with each purchase of a custom grill.. 2) Once you get the mold kit, you follow these detailed instructions to make a mold impression to fit your teeth. 3) Send it back to us 4) Once we get the mold impression, we will make a mold to produce your Custom grillz. It takes 1-3 weeks (including shipping) for you to receive your finished product once we get/receive your mold impression. We also offer express shipping for extra. You can contact us for changes at any time before production starts.

Since every grill is custom-made, much of the cost is due to labor. The cost can reach anywhere from US$30-100 per tooth for a Rose Gold Grill plated over silver, depending on how many teeth you order and if you pick additional options  The more teeth your order for your grillz, the cheaper it gets.

For real grill (with no gems) made of 10-18K gold. the price can range from US $60-200 per tooth. 

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Rose Gold Open Face Fang Grillz
€14,95 EUR – €23,95 EUR
Rose Gold Drip Grillz
€23,95 EUR
[Single] Rose Gold Diamond Gap Grillz
€14,95 EUR – €23,95 EUR
[Custom] Rose Gold Open Face Fang Grillz Single
€85,95 EUR – €303,95 EUR