Gold Grillz are the most popular color used for Grillz, whether it is premade plated Gold Grillz or solid real Gold Grillz, gold is the color people buy and want to be seen wearing,

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Since it's the most popular form of Grillz, there are a lot of options in the type of different materials and styles used. Even for just solid Grillz with gemstones, prices can range from US$10 to US$2000 based on whether you order a cheap premade gold-plated Grillz or a custom-made 18K Gold Grillz. So the focus of this guide is to give you the information to buy a basic gold Grillz, if you want to add diamonds to your Grillz here is our page on diamond Grillz


 The first thing you are going to ask is how do I intend to use the Grillz? Is it just for a yearly costume party on Halloween or do you expect to wear the Grillz more frequently?

Cheap Gold Plated Grillz

If you only plan to buy the Grillz and use it once a year or less, we suggest you get a cheap premade gold-plated Grillz that cost anywhere from US$15-40. If you just want to try out a Grillz to see if buying a set of Grillz is right for you, the premade Grillz is also a good way to test before you go out and get a set of Custom Made Grillz. 

Gold Plated Grillz is an affordable and cheap option when it comes to buying Grillz. Gold Plated Grillz involves electroplating thin layers of gold onto Grillz made of a cheaper base metal such as brass or stainless steel. Usually, 3-5 layers of gold are applied on top of the Grillz.

Lastly, premade Grillz are already made and can be shipped right away once your order is placed, so you can be wearing them in less than 1-2 weeks from your order date.  They are fitted to your teeth using silicon molding bars.

Real Custom Gold Grillz

Real Gold Grillz is made of real solid gold throughout the entirety of the Grillz. This means they are like real jewelry that will maintain value over time.  The Grillz can be melted down and the gold is used to make other jewelry like a ring or earrings. 

All our Real Gold Grillz are custom-made, meaning they are made to order to ensure they fit your teeth properly.  We send you a molding kit when an order is placed. When you get the molding kit, follow these instructions to make a mold. Once you have made the mold, you send it back to us, We will begin work, and you should receive your completed Grillz in 1-3 weeks from the time you send out the mold. 


We have three different gold colors, traditional yellow, rose-gold, and white gold.  They get their different colors because of the alloys used to make the color change.

Yellow Gold is made of gold mixed with equal parts silver and copper.

Rose Gold is made of gold mixed with copper.

White Gold is made of gold mixed with zinc, nickel, and/or palladium 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you buy an 18K Yellow Gold Grillz or 18K Rose Gold Grillz or 18K White Gold Grillz, the % of Gold in the Grillz remains at 75%. You will not get less gold if you buy a white or rose-gold Grillz, than if you buy a yellow gold Grillz.


10k gold has 41.6% gold. It is the cheapest option and more durable, but it has a duller color if you pick yellow gold.  It is the strongest against warping but is more likely to lose luster and color over time.

14k gold has 58.3% gold. It is a compromise between hardness and bright luster.

18k gold has 75% gold, it is the most expensive option.  It has the brightest luster but is usually softer than 10K or 14K, meaning it is more likely to warp.


Here is a table showing the costs of various types of gold grillz

Material  Single Tooth Full Set (Top and Bottom)
Premade (Plated) US$ 10-20 US$20-50
Custom (Silver) US$ 80-120 US$ 600
Custom (10K Gold) US$ 100-120 US$ 1000
Custom (14K Gold) US$ 120-140 US$ 1400
Custom (18K Gold) US$ 140-160 US$ 2400


There are five steps to making a Grillz.

STEP I: Get mold off your teeth by creating a mold impression of your teeth by using the mold kit that we sent to you after you made an order S

STEP II: Send the mold impression back to us.

STEP III: Cast the Mold.  Before the gold is added, a wax lining is added to the mold. It is removed as it goes into the centrifuge 

STEP IV: Clean up the Casting

STEP V: Polish the Grillz. This will remove any rough edges on the Grillz..

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[Single] Gap Filler Grillz Gold
€14,95 EUR – €23,95 EUR
2 Teeth Gold Grillz
€14,95 EUR
Gold Open Face Vampire Teeth Metal Fang Grillz
€14,95 EUR – €23,95 EUR
Gold Fang Grillz
€23,95 EUR
[Custom] Solid Gold Deep Cut Grillz
€227,95 EUR – €2.273,95 EUR
[Custom] Solid Gold Grillz
€227,95 EUR – €2.273,95 EUR
[Custom] Solid Gold Open Face Grillz
€227,95 EUR – €2.273,95 EUR
[Custom] Solid Gold Diamond Cut Grillz
€227,95 EUR – €2.273,95 EUR
[Custom] Solid Gold Diamond Dust Grillz
€246,95 EUR – €2.330,95 EUR
[Custom][X2] Solid Gold Vampire Fang Grillz
€208,95 EUR – €606,95 EUR
[Custom][X4] Real Solid Gold Cap Grillz
€341,95 EUR – €540,95 EUR
[Custom][X2] Solid Gold Cap Grillz
€189,95 EUR – €540,95 EUR
[Custom] Solid White Gold Open Face Grillz
€227,95 EUR – €2.273,95 EUR