Grillz: The New Street Fashion?

Flashing gold teeth while walking down the street will make you stand out in the crowd.

Grillz has been a staple in the street and hip-hop for years. They have been popularized by the many legends of hip-hop, and now other celebrities have started in the trend too. Maybe you also want to get into this trend. However, getting custom teeth can be expensive if you do it by getting a mold made at the dentist. Finding the right store that provides affordable and quality fake teeth can be difficult. If you have trouble finding a store near you, then you can find custom grillz at Custom Golden Grillz. Grillz are a type of jewelry that are worn in the mouth and cover the teeth. This type of jewelry is important in the hip-hop industry.

The rise of teeth grillz began with rappers like B.G. and Flavour Flav, and now famous celebrities like Will Smith and Lil Wayne are also seen wearing them.

These teeth are not only limited to famous male celebrities, however. Now famous females, such as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have been seen wearing them in tabloids. Hip-hop music has also contributed to the explosion of the popularity of these teeth. The sudden growth of hip-hop music has led to an influx of artists' fashion influence on consumers. Hip Hop has a distinct fashion, with gold chains, frosted jewels, and gold teeth. Grillz are made with different types of materials. It is common for dental capsules to be formed using metals such as silver, gold and platinum. Gold teeth can even be personalized to look like rose gold, white gold or yellow gold, as well as many other colors. They can be customized to come in many types, like the silver grill, and some have even included precious stones and stones that are embedded in the teeth.


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