Rappers and Their Grillz

Grills are temporary coverings composed of gold, silver, diamond, jewels, or other metals that the person places over his teeth. Wearing gold and diamonds on your teeth is not new, with a thousand-year history.

Regardless of how vital healthy white teeth are, gold teeth are making a comeback, not for medical reasons, but for looks. Grills has been a part of a certain community for a long time, which includes all hip hop musicians. The trend started in the early 1980s but it peaked in the mid-1900s. 


6x9ine Grillz A$AP Rocky Grillz  Birdman Grillz  Chamillionaire
Chris Brown Grillz Flavor Flav Grillz Gucci M Grillz Jay Z Grillz
Juicy J Grillz Grillz Juvenile Grillz Kayne West Grillz Kodak Black
Lil B Grillz Lil Flip Grillz Lil Jon Grillz Lil Uzi Vert
Ludacris Grillz Moneybaggyo Nelly Grillz Paul Wall Grillz
Plies Grillz  Sean Combs Grllz T-Pain Grillz Travis Scott
Tripple Redd Grillz Wiz Khalifa Grillz YBN Almighty Jay Young Thug
Little Simz Grillz



Nicki Minaj Grillz Asian Doll Grillz Bbymutha Grillz  Bhad Bhabie
Cardi B Grillz Kelis Grillz Coi Leray Grillz Doja Cat Grillz
Kreay Shawn Erica Banks Foxy Brown Kash Doll Grillz
Young M.A Grillz Lil Debbie Grillz Lizzo Grillz Megan Thee Stallion
Remy Ma Grillz Rico Nasty Grillz Saweetie Grillz Tierra Whack

Male Rappers With Their Grillz 

Men's jewelry is seeing a revival, and the pièce de résistance RN is Grillz. Gleaming, glittery, glittering Grillz that decorate your teeth, giving the expression "a million dollar grin" a whole new meaning - Pharell's newest is worth $100,000 with specially cut rubies, white diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds, while Post Malone recently received 12-carat diamond fangs.

Male rappers like Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, and Kool G popularized it in the 1980s, and it was handed down to rappers like Nelly, whose song "Grillz" in 2005 was an homage to his diamond and rose gold set - "I got my mouth looking something like a disco ball," he sung. Teeth bling has become more popular in recent years, and it is no longer limited to the hip-hop scene. Designer Marc Jacobs recently 'grammed his new collection, while LeBron James displayed his devotion to the Los Angeles Lakers with his mascot-engraved grill. Women have also embraced Grillz, with Madonna, Bella Hadid, and the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan showcasing their new jewels on several occasions over the years.

Grillz has always been associated with riches, power, and social position, but it's just as much about making a fashion statement now. We take a look at some of our favorite stars and their famous Grillz, from Justin Bieber, who wore purple diamond encrusted Grillz to his wedding with Hailey, to Quavohuncho $250K iced-out emerald-cut pair.

6IX9INE’S Grillz



Tekashi 6ix9ine has his unique dress sense.Indeed, the New York rapper apparently appreciates what sparkles and flashes. Result? After experimenting with a variety of hues for his hair and teeth, he decided to pay $50,000 to have his teeth manufactured in diamond, custom made, of course.

A$AP Rocky Grillz

The unique grill also has shiny golden grills at the top, and bottom. Celebrity jewelers Dave Bling and Big Will handmade the grill, which is definitely a one-of-a-kind work of art for the Hood Pope to add to his burgeoning collection. Wearing it while performing may be challenging, but even A$AP Rocky has to make compromises for his appearance.

Birdman Grillz


Birdman is recognized as much for his outsized personality as he is for being the brains behind Cash Money's success. The rap legend frequently boasts about fortune and being the first to accomplish anything expensive. So perhaps he is now setting a new trend in which every rapper on the globe will soon have diamond-encrusted teeth.

Chamillionaire Grillz



Chamillionaire retired his grill in 2007 in order for people to see him seriously as an artist, stating: "I talk with a purpose and want people to understand that I'm not simply some rapper with jewels in his lips." When they get past the superficial items and listen to the message on my CD, I'll know I've won.

Chris Brown Grillz

Chris Brown is well-known for his marriage problems, but he is also well-known for his gold grills. He originally wore it during his "Dum English" art exhibition, though it was on his teeth at the time. In the months that followed, he was pictured on a night out in Hollywood wearing a full silver grill set.

Flavor fav Grillz


He's been wearing gold grills for over a decade. He also wore his grill set for the first time during a screening in Los Angeles. He has been photographed sporting complete gold top and bottom grills on many occasions. He is known as a grill pioneer and ardent advocate of "golden Grillz." He's been photographed with gold tops and bottom Grillz on a regular basis for over a decade, and the appearance is permanent.


Gucci Mane Grillz



With Gucci's tradition of flashy jewelry, one would believe his mouth was brimming with beautiful stones. However, sometimes little is more. Gucci chose to obtain new porcelain veneers instead of an ice tray. To give a flare to his grin, he inserted tiny diamonds into selected teeth.


Jay Z Grillz

Jay-Z had grills when he first started out. He afterward deleted them since they were unnecessary. He is a rapper, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and record executive from the United States He is considered one of the world's most prominent cultural icons and has been a worldwide force in popular culture for almost two decades.


Juicy J Grillz


Jordan Houston, better known as Juicy J, had some stunning grills that drew the attention of Katy Perry, who collaborated with him on a song. Juicy J even acknowledged it in one of his songs, saying, "She loved my chain, so I linked her up with my jeweler." She wanted some Grillz, so I gave her my jeweler's contact information."

Juvenile Grillz


The juvenile isn't afraid to showcase his gold grills every now and then. The photographers have captured him several times with his gold Grillz.

Kayne West Grillz


Layliev believes West had his teeth trimmed and utilized them as support for a gold and diamond studded bridge, as Ellen suspected. West might potentially have had his front teeth medically removed, replaced with titanium implants, and then the showy structure put on top. The latter treatment would necessitate a months-long wait for the titanium implants to harden.

Kodak Black Grillz


Diamond grills have been on Kodak Black's teeth for a long time. His grills are particularly lavish since they are fastened independently on each tooth and appear to be distinct rather than a set. He has a lot of images of himself with his grills. This is not, however, the first time he has undergone surgery to embed any diamonds or accessories into his teeth. He previously had gold studded teeth that were permanent.


Lil B Grillz


Lil B does not appear to be sporting his white gold grills in most of his photos. However, as recorded by the New Yorker feature, he has worn them on and off. He most likely acquired those temporary grills for himself.

Lil Flip Grillz


TJ Jewelry in Austin, TX makes Lil' Flip's personalized grills. Lil' Flip is an American rapper better known by his stage name. He started out as a freestyle and battle rapper before landing a record deal with Suckafree Records in 1999. Lil' Flip's most well-known songs are "The Way We Ball," "Game Over," and "Sunshine."

Lil Jon Grillz


Jonathan Smith, better known as Lil Jon, is a rapper, songwriter, record producer, and DJ from Atlanta, Georgia. He was the main singer of the multi-platinum selling rap duo Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, and he was a driving force behind the birth of the sub-hip/hop genre Crunk. Lil Jon is a well-known client of Johnny Dang, the grill master.

Lil Uzi Vert Grillz


Lil Uzi Vert's aesthetic is unmatched, with outrageous nail art, eye-catching beaded braids, and a one-of-a-kind grill set. His multicolored grill is studded with orange, yellow, green, and blue stones that make his smile shine like a diamond.


Ludacris Grillz


Although Ludacris does not have a complete set of permanent gold grills, he was shown sporting them in the music video for his song "Southern Hospitality." This very likely puzzled his admirers. It was, however, done only for his video.

Moneybaggyo Grillz


Moneybaggyo rapper is no exception, as he recently disclosed to his followers that he had new diamond grills, as is common for many rappers. The catch is that these new grills come with a diamond-encrusted Moneybaggyo. Moneybaggyo spent $200,000 on these new grills. The rapper received five new diamond grills.

Nelly Grillz


Nelly was the motivation or spark behind the entire grills movement. It all began with his song "Grillz," which included Paul Wall, the inventor of grills, as well as Ali and Gipp. The song is also the reason he wears some grills himself. He purchased the grills in 2005.

Paul Wall Grillz


Paul Wall is recognized for creating several custom-made grills for his clients, who include all of the biggest rappers and Hollywood stars. He is a rapper and a grill enthusiast. He has an opulent collection of diamond and gold tooth accessories, such as his Grillz.

Plies Grillz


Plies, a Florida hip-hop icon, has a stunning appearance. After more than a decade and a half of wearing permanent gold Grillz as part of his style, the rapper chose to discontinue their use.

Sean Combs Grillz


Paul Wall stated that he has designed unique grills for numerous well-known rappers, including Sean Combs. He started his own record company, Bad Boy Entertainment, in 1993 after working as a talent director at Uptown Records. No Way Out, Combs' debut album, has been certified seven times platinum.

T-Pain Grillz


T-gold pain and yellow diamond grills have been clicked several times. The items are worth a cool thirty thousand dollars. However, aside from being purely ornamental, his gold teeth assisted him in recovering from a gold cart accident that occurred in 2009. Gold grills are so much a part of his personality that he is as well renowned for them as he is for rapping.

Travis Scott Grillz


Most individuals, however, aren't Travis Scott, who spent that much money on a new grill to wear while opening for Rihanna on her Anti tour. Johnny Dang, who has built grills for many celebrities, uploaded a photo of Scott's grill on Instagram, and it is an 18-carat gold piece with 10-carat pink, brown, blue, and white diamonds, according to TMZ.

Tripple Redd Grillz


Trippie Redd's lips are dripping in diamonds... 'cuz he recently paid $50,000 for a rock grin. The rapper literally put his money where his mouth is with this one-of-a-kind grill from famous jeweler Johnny Dang. Trippie's favorite no. 14 sparkles with VVS blue diamonds, 10-carat white gold diamonds, and immaculate white diamonds.

Wiz Khalifa Grillz


Wiz Khalifa is a well-known rapper in Hollywood, and he, like the rest of the rappers, had that special flair to carry those grills. He did, however, keep it to a bare minimum and did not go for a full set of grills. He was content with just one black tooth.

YBN Almighty Jay Grillz


Almighty YBN Jay is another well-known rapper who has been spotted wearing diamond and gold Grillz on occasion. He wore his Grillz to his many art shows. He has been observed without Grillz on his teeth on several occasions, indicating that his Grillz is not permanently attached to his teeth.

Young Thug Grillz


For a long time, Young Thug has got diamond grills on his teeth. He has a lot of images of himself with his grills. This is not, however, the first time he has undergone surgery to embed any diamonds or accessories into his teeth. He previously had permanent gold encrusted on his teeth.

Female Rappers with their Grillz

Many rappers use Grillz as a fashion statement. Rappers with grills come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some notable rap musicians that wear grills have solid gold grills, while others prefer plenty of diamonds. Famous rappers with grills have even written songs about their designer grins.

You may not recognize the names Dolly Cohen or Helen Harris aka Helenwiththegoldteeth, but you are familiar with their work. Cohen and Harris' dental jewelry set the way for 2021's Grillz comeback, appearing in A-list mouths everywhere from Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian to Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

Previously linked solely with 1990s hip-hop culture and, more often than not, men, a new generation of female grill makers is elevating the oral art form by giving it an elevated feminine makeover. Consider high-end, haute couture, and handcrafted.

ELLE UK went to three women who are part dentist, part conceptual sculpture, and part jewelry designer to continue where Cohen and Harris left off: rethinking classic Grillz with the goal of accessorizing and enhancing your teeth from a pleasingly female perspective.

Grillz was founded decades ago with two major goals in mind:
To conceal certain gang members' broken front teeth Display riches, status, and style

It's enough for some celebrities to stock up on diamond and precious metal necklaces, bracelets, and rings. However, a few genuinely exceptional stars have felt the desire for more. For better or worse, these celebs have blinged up their smiles with dental treatment. That's correct. They switched to grills. The style began as a hip-hop cultural fad in recent history, although archaeologists have discovered evidence of tooth ornamentation dating back to 800 B.C. Grills were popularized in the 1980s by Flavor Flav, Big Daddy Kane, and Slick Rick. Grills, on the other hand, have adorned the grins of a number of celebrities in recent years. Grillz are unique to the user, which is what makes them so remarkable. They signify feminine fashion and style. They are extremely unique pieces of jewelry.

Here is the list of Female rappers and Their Grillz.

Nicki Minaj Grillz


As a rapper, she has also embraced the hot trend in the hip-hop business, which is the Grillz that everyone is talking about. She, too, is rocking those gleaming gold Grillz in a way that outdoes the guys. Although it is not a constant appeal, she does a great job with it in her music videos.

Asian Doll Grillz


Asian Doll just unveiled a huge diamond-studded complete grill set to her icey collection. Others mocked the rapper's King Von link, alleging she used his grills and teeth in the new set. Fans of the Dallas native, on the other hand, were quick to point out that she has been wearing grills for quite some time.

Bbymutha Grillz


Bbymutha, like many other celebs, likes wearing Grillz. Bbymutha has been seen wearing a few different Grillz pieces on a few different occasions. The most famous instance was when Bbymutha wore a bespoke Grillz set and everyone was astonished by the fashion statement.

Bhadbhabie Grillz


Bhadbhabie and her unique Grillz pieces have aided the Grillz industry's international presence. What was once a trendy jewelry piece popular only within the African American hip-hop community is now worn at practically every fashion show and photo session worldwide.

Cardi B Grills


Cardi B, a hip-hop musician, proudly displays her own grill sets. This dazzling set was designed by Jonathan Rakhsha of Toronto Grillz. He mastered goldsmithing and jewelry making and founded his firm while still in college. He specializes in gold teeth, similar to A$AP Rocky's, although he also builds more ornate jewel-encrusted designs.


Kelis Grillz


Kelis was the inspiration or spark behind the entire grills movement. Her raps are also the reason she wears some grills herself. She did, however, add the 'z' to the grills to make them appear sassier. Of course, something had to do with such a remarkable accomplishment.

Coi Leray Grillz


Coi Leray tried on grills during a magazine photoshoot for the first time. Over time, the pop star grew to love her new edgy custom Grillz piece and began to wear it on a daily basis. When she eats, smokes, or drinks soda, she removes her Grillz.

Doja cat Grillz


Doja Cat is one of Hollywood's few female rappers. She is continually attempting to decrease the gender gap in music and in society in general. As a rapper, she has also embraced the hot trend in the hip-hop business, which is the grills that everyone is talking about.




Erica Banks Grillz


Erica Banks has worn grills on a few occasions. At a launch ceremony in Los Angeles, she donned a sparkly mouthpiece. Her edgy style, which included her typical cropped 'do and strong red lipstick was only complemented by the new Grillz accessory. Although you have to look hard to see the small gold grill on her bottom teeth, it still makes a statement.

Foxy Brown Grillz


Though Foxy Brown isn't known for her broad, toothy smiles, she did show off her gold fronts at a concert a few years ago. The hip-hop star proudly displays her customized grill sets. She sat in the first row of another event, wearing a gold grill.

Kash Doll Grillz


Kash Doll's name is one of the more interesting ones on this list. She showed off his two gold teeth at a West Hollywood bar. The actress applied the temporary Grillz to her front teeth to add sparkle and glitter. So it appears that his decision to add sparkling gold to his grin had a purpose. 

Kreasy Shawn Grillz


Kreay Shawn is well-known for his million-dollar smile. Her smile was brightened by a huge, sparkling gold grill. Her grill is one-of-a-kind since it is designed like a rifle. She flaunted her new mouthpiece on Instagram, posting a close-up image of the latest addition.

Lil Debbie Grillz

When Lil Debbie dabbled in grill ornaments, she went for a more understated aesthetic. Her gold grill wraps one of her upper teeth. When she grins, it's barely visible until you look very carefully. Not every Grillz has to be in your face. Subtle may be extremely appealing.

Little Simz Grillz


The Little Simz teeth grills, a lip-locked relative to grills, weren't entirely under her control. Little Smiz donned the dramatic lip look to a concert, but it was the striking piece that made this event truly unforgettable. It's a contemporary take on the classic grill.

Lizzo Grillz


After getting scolded on social media for her skin-bearing Lakers dress, Lizzo celebrated by purchasing her very first grill to brighten her grin. The diamond-encrusted grill impressed the singer's millions of fans. Lizzo debuted her first set of Grillz on Instagram. If I could only have one mouthpiece in my life, it would be this gold and diamond drip. she added.

Megan Thee Stallion Grillz


Megan Thee Stallion just updated her Instagram with a video of herself sporting a diamond-encrusted grill. The "Big Ole Freak" rapper shared a video of her most recent purchase with her 6.5 million Instagram followers. Megan is wearing a diamond grill on the front and bottom row of her teeth in the shot.

Princess Nokia Grillz


Rappers wishing to add a little glitter to their pearly teeth have recently had more modest alternatives. Princes Nokia posted a photo of her new grin, which has two dazzling grills. Instead of covering up her teeth with a cumbersome grill, the gems just attach to them.

Remy Ma Grillz

Reminisce Mackie, better known as Remy Ma, is an American rapper. Remy Ma is known for her dazzling grills as much as she is for his lyricism. Fans could notice her bright red top hat and glittering gold grill from a long distance.

Rico Nasty Grillz

Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly, better known as Rico Nasty, is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from Maryland. Grillz doesn't have to be obnoxious and noisy. Take a lesson from Rico Nasty's gleaming diamante stone grills that are both elegant and minimalist, flanked with a similarly adorned window.


Saweetie Grillz


Saweetie, an American rapper, is her professional name. In 2018, she released her first single "IcyGirl." Saweetie, the queen of Icy life, should be cleaning Diamond Grillz. The rapper proudly displayed a diamond-studded mouth.

Tiera Whack Grillz


Tierra is in joy, flashing her gold grill, posing for the camera, and grudgingly handing over her Nintendo Switch (Super Mario is her game) just as the cameras start rolling. Frankly, I tried to hide it so many times but I couldn't, she said.

Young M.A Grillz


During a rap program in the winter, young M.A donned a dazzling silver grill. Over time, the pop star grew to love her new edgy custom Grillz piece and began to wear it on a daily basis. Young M.A received both praise and criticism for wearing grills. Others commended her bravery while criticizing her for wearing grills at this small age.