Can You Eat With Grillz On?

If you forget to take your grillz, eating with your grillz isn't going to kill you or cause serious harm if you do it occasionaly and clean your grillz and brush  teeth afterwards.

However, avoid doing it if you if you can, it can cause dental issues and ruin your grillz.


Are Grillz Safe While Eating?

As we said before, eating with your Grilz on isn't going to cause much immediate harm to your teeth or Grillz, but its bad for the following reasons.

1. Make Your Grillz Dirty

Food particles can get into your grillz, particularly grillz that contain gems and engravings  This will make cleaning difficulty. If particles linger on the grillz it can cause bacteria growth that isn't ideal for your dental health, and more importantly can damage and tarnish your grillz.

2. Bend and Scratch Your Grillz

Particularly food  that are hard like hard candy, half popped popcorn kernels, crusty bread if you bit hard enough can bend your grillz, whether premade or custom.  

Secondly, even if you don't bite hard, many of these type of food have hard rough edges that will scratch and ruin your grillz.

3. Bacteria growth

If you eat with your Grillz on and are not careful with your dental hygiene, you might allow bacteria to find refuge between your teeth and Grillz. These nasty creatures can cause several dental issues like bad breat and even cavities.

Can You Drink With Your Grillz on?

Outside of clear water, its not recommend that your drink willing wearing your grillz. Say if you drink fruit juice or wine while you are wearing your grillz, and take it off, without cleaning them first, the sugar and acid in theese beverages can corrode and eat at the provtective coating if you are weari premade or silver grillz, even for gold it can tarnish them. So we recommend talking off your grillz when drinking.

Can You Eat With Diamond Grillz?

Don't ever wear your diamond grillz while eating, because there is a chance that a diamond might fall off, and you might accidently bite hard on it and crack your teet. A cracked tooth means a visit to the Dentist.  Whether its Zirconia and CZ gemstoes used in premade grillz or real Diamond used in some of our Custom grillz, all the gemstones are hard, and can break a tooth if you bite on it..