Chamillionaire Grillz

Chamillionaire, the renowned rapper and entrepreneur, made a distinct mark in the world of hip-hop not only for his music but also for his unique style, including his iconic "grillz." These dental accessories, popular in the early 2000s hip-hop culture, are ornate metal coverings for teeth, often adorned with precious metals and gems.

Chamillionaire's grillz became emblematic of his flamboyant persona and innovative fashion sense. He fused his Texan roots with urban aesthetics, using grillz as a canvas to express his individuality. Beyond their aesthetic value, these accessories also symbolized a cultural movement that blurred the lines between music, fashion, and identity.


The grillz is specially designed. its seems the grillz is a stamped grillz. For those who want a custom grillz of this sort,the only way is to get a quote from us, which you an do by filing the Contact US Page

However, we do have this grillz as premade type of grillz ready to ship to you. The price is US$25.00.


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