What are top tooth Grillz?

Top or Upper Tooth Grillz are worn on the top row of your teeth.  They are usually wider with bigger front caps since they are usually bigger in size than the bottom row. 

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Wearing one row of Grillz is a more subtle and cheaper way to show some bling. It's cheaper than wearing the full set.  Wearing only one row is also a cool way to rock the Grillz, in fact, I think it looks way better than the full set, but that's just me though.  People like to bling their top Grillz with gems compared to the bottom Grillz, because they are more exposed     

What types of top Grillz do you sell?

We have everything from diamond, gold to silver, Grillz with fangs, you name it! And they are available for every budget - cheap, standard, and luxury. Our Grillz are finely crafted with quality and dopeness in mind.

For Instructions on Fitting Your Grillz

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6 Piece Grillz Top
€14,95 EUR
Top 8 Gold Grillz
€14,95 EUR