6IX9INE - GUMMO, Rainbow Grillz of The Century!

6IX9INE - GUMMO, Rainbow Grillz of The Century!


The rainbow grillz worn by Six9ine in this music video are absolutely crazy! 6ix9ine also known as Tekashi has taken a liking to wearing very expensive grillz.  Here is a video of him performing with his grillz.

 6ix9ine grillz come into two different varieties. The first set of rainbow grillz has a more faded look, and this is a video of him wearing that grillz. Some estimated for the grillz put it at anywhere from US$25,000 to US$100,000..  This grillz is mde by Jimmy Boi  (TheStreetJeweler)

 The second and newer version of grillz that he was first seen wearing a couple of months ago is more vivid and bright as shown below. 

We have produced something similar to that grillz, if you want to buy it click here. If you want to compare 6ix9ine's grillz with Lil Yachty's grillz click here

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    How much does grillz cost

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